Cave Tubing Goa Pindhul

DSC_0033edt 89ccfcc7b5562c61c4fe3d2e9523209a goa-pindul fsd DSC_0116 pindul21Pindul has a length of about 350 m , width up to 5 m , the distance to the water surface of the roof of the cave 4 m , and a water depth of about 5-12 m . Goa has 3 zones . light zone , lit zone , and dark zones . It takes about 45 minute.Cavetubing almost the same as rafting . If rafting ( rafting ) is the flow of activity along the river by boat , then cavetubing is caving activities in the tires . Because the flow of water in this quiet Pindul then do cavetubing in Pindul this can also be done by beginners as well as young children and even pregnant women .In center Cave , there is a rather large room , with a hole on top of the local people call the inverted wells , sunshine that goes through the hole to make the atmosphere more beautiful . This is where the hole above the cave entrance is often used as a vertical or SAR TEAM members is the largest .Stalaktit Pindul Goa and has ranked No. 4 in the world . Stalactites that are still actively putting await you with water droplets that supposedly can make beautiful n ‘ ageless , for men who have been waiting to add to the vitality of the male stalactite , you simply hold  already feel the difference …. For younger siblings in the light zone could swim , diving as he saw that fish is big enough to show off the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites  also fused , becoming the 4th largest in the world , it took 5 people to circle it , even only wide enough gap one person only . Great in the midst of Goa which is said as Goa.Keindahan more complete pole with ornaments Goa along the wall like an abstract painting masterpiece invaluable . Bats hanging crystal eyes decorates the hall of the cave . There is also a curtain composed of water droplets on the wall Goa 

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