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Tomb of the king of Yogyakarta and Fruit Garden Mangunan

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imogiri cemeteries, Pasarean Imogiri or Pajimatan Girirejo Imogiri a cemetery complex located in Imogiri, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This cemetery is considered sacred and is buried here kramat for a family of kings and the king of the Sultanate of Mataram. Imogiri cemetery is one of the attractions in Bantul. Imogiri tomb was built in 1632 by the Sultan of Mataram III King Hanyokrokusumo who is a descendant of the King of Mataram Panembahan Senopati I. This tomb is located in the hills which is still one cluster of the Thousand Mountains.

Exif_JPEG_422kebun-buah-mangunan-jogja-28 kebun-buah-mangunan-01 IMG_8607 DSC00213Like a symphony orchestra presenting harmonies , the sound of cicadas replaced one with the other , rubbing the leaves in the silence of the wilderness Gardens Fruit Mangunan Tourism . Sunlight slipped among a grove of trees whose leaves are not able to touch the ground floor of this region . Mangunan fruit orchard located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in the mountain range Imogiri . Being on top of the hill we could see the beautiful scenery tipped indentation Oya river at the beach Parangtirits .To get a beautiful view of this we can look directly at the top of the hill Kebuh Fruit Mangunan . Access to the hill there are two paths , for bikers and pedestrians . To enjoy the trip to the hill view post choose the path for pedestrians , at this point we can enjoy these ancient rocks scattered on the hill . Footpath attached to the ancient rock-strewn hills became ornate luxury in Orchard Mangunan .Along the path that penetrates in the hills , we can enjoy the sound of birds chirping , leaves twigs friction even under any of the cows lowing sound so clear . For hikers who experience a sense of fatigue need not worry because there are several posts ready to welcome retreat for rest .Arriving at their destination , the beautiful scenery becomes the fruit of a journey to the top of this hill . Indentation Oya river and suspension bridge looks like a miniature package so captivating natural system where our hands can reach .For in the area below , Orchard facility Mangunan have enough variety of outdoor activities such as , large hall ( 300 people ) , medium hall ( 100 persons ) , pavilion ( 2 places ) , gazebo , joglo , praying , tent area ( 3 points ) fishing pond ( 1st place ) , children ‘s pool ( pool 2 ) , area outbound , outbound facilities ( flying fox , reflying , etc. ) , cottage hospital ( 2 cot ) , bathroom , spacious parking , garden variety of fruit , livestock , 1 Ha camping ground and Playground children .To enjoy the flora and fauna rides Orchard Mangunan have some collection of fruit crops : 1500 Durian tree , Guava tree water 300 , Orange 220 ​​trees , 950 mango trees , 200 various fruit trees and Cattle 40 ekor.Bagi mountain biker , two helped complete the trajectory tracks where these attractions . Running along the first 2,300 m specifically for downhill and the second track along the 3,800 m cross-country for

Indrayanti Beach and Sadranan Beach

Indrayanti beach is one beach that is located in Gunung Kidul

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Pantai-Indrayanti-3 pantai-indrayanti-view-atas-bukitRegency of Yogyakarta Special Region . The beach is located in the village is adjacent to the beach Tepus Sundak . White sand stretches from east to west in the beach Indrayanti . In addition to white sand , the tourists are very spoiled with the beauty and cleanliness of the beach .Towards your Indrayanti Beach takes approximately 2 hours drive from the city of Yogyakarta . From there Wonosari Indrayanti 2 way to the beach , first passing through South Beach Baron , Kukup , Krakal , Sundak and east until Indrayanti Beach . Or get past the junction of Wonosari take the path to the left direction Sundak , cloves and Wediombo . The road to the beach location is quite good but it should be – careful because the terrain is up and down through the hills sewu . To get there you have to use a private vehicle because there is no public transport serving the route.Various facilities are provided at the beach which is known for its Sky Jet ‘s facilities , including Gazebo , Restaurants , Hotels / Homestays , mosque , extensive parking and food vendors lined up neatly on the waterfront . The beach is suitable for those who wish to spend the night and enjoy a night on the beach with a spend 350 thousand – 700 thousand per night

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Cave Tubing Goa Pindhul

DSC_0033edt 89ccfcc7b5562c61c4fe3d2e9523209a goa-pindul fsd DSC_0116 pindul21Pindul has a length of about 350 m , width up to 5 m , the distance to the water surface of the roof of the cave 4 m , and a water depth of about 5-12 m . Goa has 3 zones . light zone , lit zone , and dark zones . It takes about 45 minute.Cavetubing almost the same as rafting . If rafting ( rafting ) is the flow of activity along the river by boat , then cavetubing is caving activities in the tires . Because the flow of water in this quiet Pindul then do cavetubing in Pindul this can also be done by beginners as well as young children and even pregnant women .In center Cave , there is a rather large room , with a hole on top of the local people call the inverted wells , sunshine that goes through the hole to make the atmosphere more beautiful . This is where the hole above the cave entrance is often used as a vertical or SAR TEAM members is the largest .Stalaktit Pindul Goa and has ranked No. 4 in the world . Stalactites that are still actively putting await you with water droplets that supposedly can make beautiful n ‘ ageless , for men who have been waiting to add to the vitality of the male stalactite , you simply hold  already feel the difference …. For younger siblings in the light zone could swim , diving as he saw that fish is big enough to show off the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites  also fused , becoming the 4th largest in the world , it took 5 people to circle it , even only wide enough gap one person only . Great in the midst of Goa which is said as Goa.Keindahan more complete pole with ornaments Goa along the wall like an abstract painting masterpiece invaluable . Bats hanging crystal eyes decorates the hall of the cave . There is also a curtain composed of water droplets on the wall Goa 

Ullen Sentalu, Merapi Volcano Tour And Dieng Plateau

602415_474198095951822_134059310_n ppppVisiting 2 popular heritage object  inJogja and a little adventure at the end of the tour Ullen Sentalu Museum (Best Museum in Java). At the afternoon, the exciting activities will continue with Merapi Volcano Tour by Jeep to enjoy the scenery of Kinahrejo Village after the Merapi Eruption in 2010.



Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo,Central JavaIndonesia.Referred to as “Dieng” by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level, far from major population centres. The name “Dieng” comes from Di Hyang which means “Abode of the Gods”.Part of General Sudirman‘s guerilla campaign during the Indonesian War of Independence took place in the area.

The Plateau is the location eight small Hindu temples. It is unclear when they were built, estimated to range from mid 7th century to end of 8th century AD; they are the oldest known standing stone structures in Java.They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain. The temples are now believed to have been named after the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Michell claims Dieng’s misty location almost 2,093 m above sea level, its poisonous effusions and sulphur-coloured lakes make it a particularly auspicious place for religious tribute. The temples are small shrines built as monuments to the god-ancestors and dedicated to Shiva. The Hindu shrines are miniature cosmic mountains based on plans in Indian religious texts, although Schoppert suggest the design motifs have little connection to India.In 2011, in a review published by Romain,the temple is now believed to be related to Dravida and Pallava style temples of South India. The theory that poisonous effusions make it auspicious is now disputed as volcanic activity in this area from 7th to 9th century is yet to established, and records suggest the temple was abandoned after volcanic eruptions became common in central Java.

volcano-near-dieng-plateau-jens-u-hamburg Dieng-Plateau-Java-Indonesia-2 dieng-plateau 3814853 800px-Lake_Balekambang_Dieng_Plateau 800px-Complex_of_Candi_Arjuna

wisataalamwonosariAdvance Caving at Jomblang Cave

In this tour package, we will invite you to enjoy the beauty of a vertical cave with dense ancient forest below beneath the earth. This moment will be an unforgettable moment for you. A 300 meter alley with its beautiful natural ornament will bring you to the edge of Grubug Cave, a place where you can see light from heaven, they say.

To enter Jomblang cave, we need to use special equipments based on the caving safety standard in a vertical cave and should also be accompanied by the experienced caving trainers. Yes, we will accompany you along the way to enjoy the natural beauty of this bowels of the earth.


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H Idho Sudibyo (far right) with the newest fleet, source image from and





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